Raman Microscope

MixSplitter automatically scans powder mixtures and identifies their composition ensuring up to 0.1% contaminant identification

Raman Microscope

Suitable Applications


Identification of counterfeit products


Customs control

Mineralogy and geology


Raman Microscope


  1. 1% additive detection
  2. 1 micron-size focus
  3. Up to 3000 steps per scanning
  4. No limits for number of mixture compounds
Raman Microscope


  1. The most affordable tool for trace forensics
  2. No special skills required
  3. Extremely time-saving analysis
  4. No spatial separation required
  5. Results within 10 min

No more waiting for expensive and complicated lab only analysis by means of chromatography/сhromatomass-spectrometry. Get the result in just 10 minutes with MixSplitter®!

MixSplitter® reveals hidden properties of mixed substances cheaper and quicker than ever: the system automatically scans powder mixtures and identifies their composition  ensuring up to 0.1% contaminant identification. The data acquired indicate the number of  mixture components and their concentrations.

MixSplitter® equipped with an automated XYZ-axis scanning stage for sample scanning in a three-dimensional subspace. The professional software ensures real-time spectra measurements in an automatic mode synchronized with step-by-step sample scanning,  identification of unknown substances and output of data statistics analysis.