Raman Microscope
Raman Microscope M532/785

Raman Microscope M532/785 unprecedented power and flexibility for a great variety of demands, including rapid and nondestructive analysis and diagnostics in research laboratories across chemistry, pharmaceuticals, biology, material science and geology fields.

Raman Microscope

Suitable Applications

Applied materials science

Art and Restoration

Higher education/Scientific research

Mineralogy and geology



Raman Microscope


  1. Precisely tailored to customer’s requirements
  2. Easy to use
  3. Fast and trustworthy results
Raman Microscope


  1. Cost-effective fully functional Raman system
  2. Low cost system

Raman Microscope 532/785® is an optical spectral instrument with specialized software for getting enlarged images of small details of sample structures, and also for measurement of spectral characteristics of samples by acquiring Raman scattering and photoluminescence. The functions of RamMics include spectral identification and analysis of microparticles composition and of other microstructured objects and substances.
The wide functionality of RamMics M532/785 allows distinguishing particles of 2-3 μm in size and differentiating them from those with other chemical and physical properties, which opens multiple research prospects within a single Raman system.

With 785 nm you can easily analyze colored polymers, oils, dyes. Excitation at 785 nm virtually eliminates background for pigment-rich tissues and other highly autofluorescent materials. Though the Raman signal is much weaker, the elimination of background facilitates peak detection.
With 532 nm spatial resolution of 1 µm and spectral resolution 4-6 cm-1 provide precise quality of measurements and repeatability. Spectral range 160 – 4000 cm-1. That’s indeed a great advantage as the broader spectral range cover Raman peaks of a larger amount of materials.

Due to its compact design and portability, RamMics M532/785 ensures high quality in-situ results with minimum expenses and proves to be a truly indispensable tool for various applications.