Trace analysis is usually measurement below one ppm (µg/g) and can be adopted in tasks of trace analysis of hazardous and illicit materials, measurement of analytes in very small concentrations, also mixed in ground substances, or identification of explosive residues during post-blast examinaiton. Enhanced Spectrometry provides Raman spectroscopy solutions that appear to be truly indespensible tools for these tasks as well as for:

  • Trace forensic analysis of fibers, hair, pigments, ink, fabrics, etc.
  • Trace analysis of illicit substances
  • Identification of explosives and their precursors
  • Qualitative analysis of liquid explosives in micro doses

Post blast examination

Raman Microscopes RamMics is an ultimate solution for analysis of unknown compounds (dry powders or liquids) for detection of explosives and their plasticizers in post-blast examination. With a superb spatial resolution the high-sensitive RamMics system scans and identifies even smallest particles (2-3 microns in size down to 10 picogram). Use glass microcapillary and make quantitative analysis of liquid explosives in micro doses using RamMics.

Trace analysis

EnSpectr products proved to be a precise identifying tool for all types of trace forensic analysis, including narcotics and their precursors. A typical task is when, for instance,  heroin is mixed with sugar for masking purposes, or residues of methamphetamines are found in the suspect’s home.

MixSplitter: Decomposes unknown powders into components

Quantitative analysis of heterogeneous unknown powders has never been so rapid and easy. Immediate identification of mixture components without probe preparation with MixSplitter by EnSpectr reduces analytical costs and testing time. 20-minute analysis enables identification of mixture components and their concentrations.

MixSplitter analyzes each grain of the mixture which improves the limit of detection of residual contaminant (detects 10 µm-sized pieces) and ensures more accurate identification of component concentration – below 1

Detection Limit:
0.5% within 15 minutes
0.1 % within 80 minutes
Error depending on impurity concentration:
0.1-0.5% of impurity, error < 50%
>5% of impurity, error < 5%


EnSpectr's solution: