Рамановские микроскопы


Microscopy add-on Raman solution

EnSpectr MicroKit® turns your standard microscope into a full-range micro Raman system. EnSpectr MicroKit® is a complete solution that enables highly precise measurements of unique Raman spectral characteristics. The spectral resolution of 4-6 cm-1 and spatial resolution of 1 μm secure accurate results from very small pieces of substance.

The EnSpectr MicroKit technology guarantees quick and reliable results of analysis within seconds implementing unique features of adjustable laser power.

EnSpectr MicroKit® is composed of EnSpectr R532® Scientific Edition, a reflection microscopy tool, digital 3 MP camera, proprietory software (EnSpectr Pro®) with extended functionality for measurement and recognition of spectra. On-line technical support is provided by EnSpectr authorized distributors and the company.