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Raman spectroscopy is a perfect solution for numerous issues in chemical industry:

  • Incoming and outgoing material inspection and certification
  • Polymers: correlation of physical and chemical properties (molecular weight, viscosity, glass transition temperature, etc.) with Raman spectra
  • Identification and analysis of petrochemical products
  • Identification of resins, petrochemicals and commodity chemicals

Релевантные продукты

Рамановские микроскопы
Raman Microscope M1064

RamMics M1064® Raman Microscope integrates the opportunities of the EnSpectr R1064®Raman Analyzer Scientific Edition and Olympus BX43 microscope adapted both for transmission and reflection measurements.

Рамановские микроскопы


VIS Spectrometer

EnSpectr professional UV-VIS-NIR spectrometer F1200® is a universal device for visible region spectral analysis.


SERS-active substrates can be used in different forms: as wafers with various combinations of dielectric and metallic layers (SERS substrates)


EnSpectr L405® sets new records at blue-violet wavelengths. It is a unique luminescent analyzer that combines highest resolution and superior sensitivity in a compact design.


EnSpectr R532® is a unique instrument that combines the advantage of a portable probe system with the performance of a highly specified laboratory instrument.


The professional EnSpectr L365 Spectrometer is a low-cost miniature device for spectral analysis that offers a quick and simple solution to the problem of detecting colorless natural diamonds.

Рамановские микроскопы
Raman Microscope M532

Raman Microscope RamMics M532®  integrates the capabities of EnSpectr R532® Raman Analyzer Scientific Edition and Olympus BX-43/BX51 microscope adapted both for transmission and reflection measurements.

Рамановские микроскопы

MixSplitter automatically scans powder mixtures and identifies their composition ensuring up to 0.1% contaminant identification

SERS Technology

IR Raman Analyzer R1064

EnSpectr R1064® is a unique instrument that enables to obtain Raman spectra in those applications where the Raman scattering signal is largely exceeded by fluorescence.

Ручные Раман-спектрометры

Enable identification of various chemical compounds in extremely low quantities (up to several molecules)

Ручные Раман-спектрометры
RaPort One

Express-analyzer Raman portable RaPort One in a new design with great possibilities