SERS-active substrates can be used in different forms: as wafers with various combinations of dielectric and metallic layers (SERS substrates); colloid nanoparticles, dimerized nanoparticles, or core/shell nanoparticles.The active layer of all SERS-active substrates is represented by nanostructures of noble metals, mainly silver. Silver nanospheres marked with SERS reporters and covalently bound toantibodies selected to match the identifiable antigen have found a wide application in SERS immunoassay. On formation of an immune complex and washing-off unbound components it is detected by the SERS analyzer.

Research of cells, tissues, DNA EnSpectr SERS Substrates can be used in everyday chemical analysis as well as in fundamental scientific research.

Here are some examples of SERS applications:

  • Bioscience and pharmaceutical research
  • Product authentication with spectral markers technology, etc.
  • Detection of prohibited substances
Laser wavelength Enhancement factor
Green&Red Substrates* Blue&Green Substrates *
488 nm 2.3 * 106 1.4 * 106
532 nm 107 2.2 * 106
568 nm 1.3 * 107 106
647 nm 2 * 107
780 nm 2 * 107
Stability** +
Substrate material glass silicon
Dimensions Rectangular, 4 mm x 20 mm Rectangular, 4 mm x 20 mm
Active area two zones, each Ø 4 mm two zones, each Ø 4 mm
Packaging 1 chip per tube;
5 tubes per vacuum package
1 chip per tube;
5 tubes per vacuum package
Storage period Shelf stable when unpacked Shelf stable when unpacked
Recommended laser power density 0.3 mW 0.3 mW

— all substrates are passivated with a thin transparent dielectical layer. Useful:

  • for use as a biosensor for sorption;
  • for treatment with ligands, antibodies, etc. (further acceptor deposition is required);
  • when chemical treatment of substrate surface is required;
  • for substances whose thickness does not exceed 30 nm

** Stability + — substrates allow treatment in different chemical environments. Stability – — substrates do not allow treatment in different chemical environments. Only deposition and drying of water, alcohol or chloroform solutions is feasible.

EnSpectr SERS Raman Analyzer R532 Specification:

Laser Optical Bench
Laser Wavelength Laser Power 532 nm Focal Length: 75 mm
0.3-30 mW Entrance Aperture: 50 (30 optional ) μm wide slit
Grating: 1800 g/mm holographic grating
Spectrometer Physical
Spectral Range Spectral Resolution 100 cm-1 – 4000 cm-1 Dimensions: 222 mm  x 145 mm x 55 mm
7-12 cm-1 Weight: 1.8 kg
Detector Electronics
Detector Type Linear CCD Array USB 1 External Port 2.0
Pixel Number 3648 Power Input: 100 – 240 VAC, 50 –60 Hz
Pixel Size Dark Current 8 μм x 200 μм System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
630 e/pixel/s
Readout Noise 30 e rms
Dynamic Range 2100
Max Quantum Efficiency Integration Time 90%
10 ms – 500000 ms