Now lab-grown diamonds are hardly distinguishable from natural diamonds. Although the manufacture of diamond semiconductors is expected to be a mass-market for synthetic diamonds, the significant difference in price between natural diamonds suitable for jewelry and their synthetic analogs leads to jewelry market penetration by synthetic diamonds. Polished diamonds exceeding 0.5 сt in weight are generally supplied with a certificate of origin.
The most unprotected category has long been that of diamonds down to 0.2 сt that are extensively used in manufacture of mass-market jewelry. This makes diamond exchange involved in distribution of natural diamonds use fairly expensive equipment for identification of mined diamonds.

The professional EnSpectr L365 Spectrometer is a low-cost miniature device for spectral analysis that offers a quick and simple solution to the problem of detecting colorless natural diamonds.
The optical fiber allows analysis of not only a single polished gemstone but also a miniature crystal in a piece of jewelry of any form and complexity regardless of the setting. To this end, the tip of the fiber tool is brought in contact with the small-sized crystal.

Our Raman Analyzers easily detect the samples, just a second to identify whether it is a diamond or a stimulant like fianit. Our standard system easily confirms whether the diamond was treated or not by comparison NV- and NV0 photoluminescent lines. The size of a laser spot in focus is less than 20 microns for our standard Raman spectrometers.  An essential option we add to our gemological Raman-PL analyzers is a Shutter, i.e. a special motorized plane which allows us to suppress the PL and detect Raman under these conditions. That’s a very helpful feature for working with ruby, emerald, and so on. In fact, two lasers are needed to distinguish natural diamonds from CVD and HPHT grown diamonds, i.e. 532 nm and 365.
L365 excites specific PL peaks that are featured for natural diamonds. If we see these peaks then diamonds are natural. Like N3 peak which occurs in natural diamonds.
To fix the sample you may use our sample attachments or a manual stage with a glass slide and a diamond fixed with blu tack. Rings are mounted around the glass, slide, necklace is put horizontally as well. Large minerals are measured easily in the push-&shoot mode.