Description and Advantages


High sensitivity

• due to the 532nm wavelength

• due to greater sensitivity of CCD

• due to automatical subtraction of dark noise

• The intensity of Raman signal is inversely related to the fourth power of the wavelength. This provides at least a ten times increase in sensitivity compared to 785 nm or 1064 nm lasers.

• CCD matrix is less sensitive in the IR field while in the visible range the quantum efficiency makes 90%.

• Automatic measurement and dark noise subtraction provides the noise dispersion of 5 counts per second.

Spectral range Enhanced Spectrometry, Inc. provides unique portable Raman-luminescent spectometers.

Spectral range : 100 — 6000 cm-1 (540 — 790 nm or more).

Wide spectral range is highly important for gemstone analysis , for example, as luminescence lines may often be narrow and informative.

Most portable devices have a range of 250-2000 cm-1; it excludes the lines of essential substances and structures that lie outside this range e.g. water (3400-3600 cm-1), ammonia, etc.

Spectral resolution Spectral resolution of 4-6 cm-1 allows analysis of complex Raman spectra and provides excellent quality of samples recognition.
532 nm laser

• ideal for most important applications

• guarantees quality of measurements

• makes use of luminescence

• 532 nm laser is used in most big high-end Raman systems in some significant areas : material science investigation and explosives detection (like TNT identification). Such samples show substantially less luminescence under 532 nm laser than under 785 ones.

• 532 nm wavelength is a reliable and beneficial in operation as it does not change along with temperature variation, while its output is stable. The green laser contributes to high beam quality and radiation stability.

• As 532 nm laser provides an at least ten times Raman signal increase compared to 785 nm laser systems or other, luminescence lines fade by contrast to Raman ones. Besides, luminescence is easily removed by EnSpectr software.

Also, EnSpectr unique shutter technology allows to measure objects with ultra high red area luminescence e.g. rubies, sapphires, emeralds.


Software interface and usability Simple, user-friendly interface. Software is installed automatically. The instruments support Windows/ Android OS.
Software features

• special search mode

• spectra editor

Enhanced Spectrometry, Inc. has developed the specialized software with multiple modes of spectra recognition based on proprietary algorithms.

This allows to improve the quality of spectra recognition and to solve a number of specific issues e.g. detection of narrow and weak Raman lines on the background of a substrate, as well as rapid identification of single substances in multicomponent mixtures, broad luminescence lines recognition, etc.

Regular updates Enhanced Spectrometry, Inc. delivers regular software updates for no additional charge.

EnSpectr developers are among best specialists with significant experience in both software engineering and spectroscopy.


Laser power Low 30 mW or less laser power helps to avoid sample overheating.
It is possible to analyze hypersensitive samples, such as objects of art and historical items.
Safety guaranteed Low laser power and visible beam make EnSpectr instruments safer than other laser systems.
No-adjustment laser replacement technology Innovative optical layout enables laser replacement without any additional alignment or adjustment.

In case of laser crash the diode can be replaced by user in just several minutes. The spare diode is included in the delivery package. No need to send the instruments to the manufacturer to have it repaired; the technology saves user’s time and money.

Due to the general fact that the laser diode is the most vulnerable point of any Raman analyzer, such replacement technology makes EnSpectr products most reliable devices on the market.

Laser spot/ Sample size The use of short focus lenses provides high spatial resolution; due to the standard instrument design the 11 ml focal length lens corresponds to 10 µm spot size. Besides, objective lenses are replaceable to the ones performing 1 µm laser spot.

Such small laser spot allows to get proper Raman signal even from a tiny piece of substance. It also ensures the measurements of semi-transparent and non-transparent samples.

For example, using EnSpectr it’s never been easier to detect and analyze single graphene lines.

CCD pixel number The large number of pixels (3862) on the CCD detector provides a 2-3 times spectral range enlargement without affecting spectra quality (pixels per line). This contributes to high quality of spectrum recognition.
No in-built screen Use EnSpectr with any smartphone or tablet upon choice (Windows/Android). Data transfer is quick and easy as the user may upload the data directly to the PC as well.

No need to think about possible in-built screen damage during in-field use. No related time and money loss because of sending the unit to the manufacturer in case of screen crash.

Removable charging battery The battery allows 8 hours of intensive operation, and has a quick recharging system. The battery change is simple and easy.
Dimensions and weight EnSpectr instruments are portable and light, convenient for in-filed use. Leak-proof shock resistant case is included in delivery package.
Ergonomics and sample positioning One hand operation. Positioning of samples by means of various attachments. Attachments are included in delivery package.


Case-by-case customers approach Hardware and software can be customized to meet the individual needs or customers.
Best price on the market Enhanced Spectrometry, Inc. is proud to provide cost-effective solutions to make Raman technology work for the benefit of security officers, researchers and students.