We are proud to present our innovative Raman microscope for scientific research with an extended spectral range of 7 cm-1 — 3850 сm-1 for the Stokes shift and (-7) cm-1 — (-780 сm-1) for the anti-Stokes shift in a single shot!

The close proximity of the spectral range to the laser line is ensured by the high-grade notch filters produced by OptiGrate Corp., a world leader in optical solutions. For more information please see the manufacturer webpage.

As a perfect alternative to terahertz (THz) spectroscopy, ultra-low frequency Raman analysis opens up new opportunities for studies of long polymer molecules, low-energy oscillations in complex organic molecules, low frequency phonons in crystalline materials, etc.

Enhanced Spectrometry, Inc. designs and sells most affordable, compact and portable Raman systems for research applications among those available on the world market. 

Implementing Raman analysis below 100 cm-1 ultra-low frequency Raman spectroscopy provides essential information for researchers of important modern materials:

  • Radial breathing modes of single- and multilayer carbon nanotubes exhibit Raman spectral components whose properties depend on the tube diameter and can be used for qualitative analysis of sample composition;
  • Folded acoustic phonon modes in multilayer superlattice structures provide a several times stronger Raman signal below 100 cm-1;
  • Low-frequency Raman spectral analysis enables to reveal heavy atom vibrations in multi-component mixtures (for instance, halogen compounds used in incandescent lamps);
  • Relaxation mode measurements in liquids and multi-component solutions assists identification of their dynamic structure;
  • Rotational mode measurements of gases can be used to determine molecular bond lengths;
  • Analysis of vibrational and crystal lattice modes.
EnSpectr Low Wavenumber® Specification
Laser Wavelength 532 nm
Laser Power 30 mW
Spectral Range (-780) cm-1 – (-7) cm-1 /anti-Stokes/
7 cm-1 — 3850 cm-1 /Stokes/
Spectral Resolution 5-6 cm-1
Dimensions 270 mm x 170 mm x 65 mm
Total weight 28 kg