Multiple research prospects within a single Raman system with two lasers

Enhanced Spectrometry Inc. offers two-wavelength Raman microscope with the ability to choose various lasers.

Such a system unprecedented power and flexibility for a great variety of demands, including rapid and nondestructive analysis and diagnostics in research laboratories across chemistry, pharmaceuticals, biology, material science and geology fields. One sample can be examined with two lasers at once. This will require minor manipulation. It is an amazing portable system that can handle any of your tasks.

Combines the advantage of a portable probe system with the performance of a highly specialized laboratory instrument. Real-me and accurate identification of an unknown substance is achieved by comparing its unique Raman spectrum of molecular vibraon (molecular “fingerprint”) to Raman spectra of reference substances stored in the spectral database.

Two-wavelength Raman microscope is an optical spectral instrument with specialized software for getting enlarged images of small details of sample structures, and also for measurement of spectral characteristics of samples by acquiring Raman scattering and photoluminescence. The functions of RamMics include spectral identification and analysis of microparticles composition and of other microstructured objects and substances.
The wide functionality of Two-wavelength RamMics allows distinguishing particles of 2-3 µm in size and differentiating them from those with other chemical and physical properties, which opens multiple research prospects within a single Raman system.
Due to its compact design and portability, Two-wavelength RamMics ensures high quality in-situ results with minimum expenses and proves to be a truly indispensable tool for various applications.


  • Precisely tailored to customer’s requirements
  • Fast and trustworthy results
  • Easy to use
  • Low cost system
  • Simplicity and usability
  • Sample positioning and focusing with digital camera
  • Cost-effective fully functional Raman system

The optical scheme of  Two-wavelength RamMics consists of a microscope module and a spectral analyzer module (EnSpectr R532/R1064 or R532/R785 or R1064/R785) connected with a beam splitter module. Visual study of object is done in standard regime of microscope with the use of oculars and/or video camera. According to the instrument configuration, any optical scheme of object illumination (reflection or transmission) can be used.

EnSpectr Professional Software automatically manages all the parts involved into spectral signal measurement process. Besides that, mathematical block of the program automatically compares acquired spectrum with reference substance spectra stored in a spectral database, and thus recognizes the acquired spectra.

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