Raman spectroscopy is the essential method for quick and accurate identification of polymers that significantly contributes to better product quality control. While at the moment there is a number of ways that help to evaluate the quality of incoming materials e.g. analysis of substance’s stiffness, hardness, or flammability, these are usually time-consuming and destructive approaches.

Handheld Raman analyzer RaPort One® by Enhanced Spectrometry, Inc. is capable of in-situ plastics identification in just a few seconds and requires no sample preparation or invasive activity. Precise real-time analysis is crucial for the implementation of efficient recycling programs, material aging studies, consumer goods safety control etc.

EnSpectr RaPort One Specification

Spectral range 140-4000 cm-1
Spectral resolution 6-8 cm-1
Spatial resolution >50 µm
Usability Utmost mobility

  • High-quality results outside the lab: in-field inspection of various polymer types, identification and verification of material quality, detection of composites and additives

  • Rapid analysis: time per measurement < 3 seconds

  • Superb delicacy and sensitivity: even with laser power of 12 mW and less (which is crucial in case of temperature unstable materials) RaPort One perfectly acquires polymers spectrum with high speed and extra quality

  • RaPort One guarantees non-destructive approach

  • Instant data at your fingertips: Built-in work screen with the EnSpectr PRO Software. Data transmission via Bluetooth

  • Long battery life (12 hours of battery life!)