Nowadays Raman Spectroscopy is becoming an aknowledged tool for security identification tasks. All major hazardous and illicit substances (including plastisizers, narcotics, precursors, CWAs and TICs) can be easily detected with Raman analysis.

Raman spectroscopy is ideal technique to address a number of issues in forensic analysis:

  • Non-destructive and safe drug and narcotic identification
  • Identification of explosives and their precursors
  • Trace forensic analysis of fibers, hair, pigments, ink, fabrics, etc.
  • Toxic solvents identification

Enhanced Spectrometry manufactures Raman spectroscopic equipment to assist military forces, police departments, criminalistics laboratories and companies engaged into recycling of chemical wastes around the world with reliable and prooved effective tools. EnSpectr Raman solutions help increase the safety of life and ensure public security. Experts of the company have deep and profound expertise in handheld explosive and narcotic detectors, residues analysis, and in ultra precise qualitative and quantitative analysis of powdered mixtures (accurate identification of components in concentration below 1%).

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