Enhanced Spectrometry was established with the mission to bring innovative development in the field of Raman and Luminesce spectroscopy to people worldwide. We accumulate more than 20 years’ experience in this area and develop technologically best products.

We design and manufacture complete Raman and Luminescence solutions to address a high market demand for powerful and portable device to identify, measure and control various range of substances for biochemical, pharmaceutical and other countless applications.

  • Portable Raman and/or luminescent complex for analysis of solid and liquid chemical substances.
  • This dispersive spectrometer joint to a laser assembling and has no moving parts.
  • The EnSpectr ® is a chemical composition analyzer that rapidly identifies unknown substances in less than 1 second. Real-time and accurate identification of an unknown substance occurs by comparing its unique molecular «fingerprint» to that of reference substances stored in a spectral database.
  • The EnSpectr ® can perform identification through transparent or semi-transparent sealing, bottles, vials and ampoules without opening the container.
  • The ease of use, single-hand operation, small size and weight of the EnSpectr ® allows the operator to test the material composition at the point of receipt, use, or delivery.


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