MixSplitter® reveals hidden properties of mixed substances cheaper and quicker than ever: the system automatically scans powder mixtures and identifies their composition  ensuring up to 1% contaminant identification. The data acquired indicate the number of  mixture components and their concentrations.

MixSplitter® is based on the Olympus CX21 microscope and equipped with an automated XYZ-axis scanning stage (translator) for sample scanning in a three-dimensional subspace. The professional software ensures real-time spectra measurements in an automatic mode synchronized with step-by-step sample scanning,  identification of unknown substances and output of data statistics analysis.

No more week’s time waiting for expensive and complicated lab only analysis by means of chromatography/сhromatomass-spectrometry, get the result of 1500-step scanning in just 30 minutes with MixSplitter®!


  • 1% additive detection
  • 1 micron-size focus
  • Up to 3000 steps per scanning
  • No limits for number of mixture compounds


  • The most affordable tool for trace forensics
  • No special skills required
  • Extremely time-saving analysis
  • No spatial separation required
  • Results within 30 min.


  • Trace Forensics
  • Narcotics ID
  • Homeland Security
  • Pharmaceutics

MIXSplitter® Specifications:

Spectral range ~200 – 3600 cm-1
(molecular oscillations area of organic and inorganic substances)
Laser 532 nm, power ~30 mW
Microscope objectives 50x
Spatial resolution 20 μm
Distinct particle size limit >0.5 μm
Automatic positioner 3-axis
Maximum number of steps 3000
Number of mixture components No limits
Reference spectral database Organic/inorganic; supplied upon request
Required operation system Windows XP/7/8