Meet EnSpectr Pioneering Instrument: RamMics M1064® Raman Microscope

EnSpectr is proud to announce the launch of the first affordable IR Raman Microscope.

The EnSpectr research team has designed the first affordable IR Raman microscope, RamMics M1064® Raman Microscope.

Now the two most common techniques of vibrational micro-spectroscopy, infrared (IR) and Raman microspectroscopy, are feasible with a single instrument, which ensures more complete vibrational characterization of solid and liquid materials, without destruction or any modification.


RamMics M1064® enables application of infrared (IR) and Raman microspectroscopy in fields as diverse as forensic science, biomedical science, catalysis, and polymers and view objects whose Raman scattering signal is largely exceeded by fluorescence. With RamMics M1064® you can easily analyze colored polymers, oils, dyes, plant biomass, biological tissue, edible oils, petrochemicals, etc.

Excitation at 1064 nm virtually eliminates background for pigment-rich tissues and other highly autofluorescent materials. Though the Raman signal is much weaker, the elimination of background facilitates peak detection.

Most paint and ink, and even some white paper, are highly fluorescent under visible laser illumination. Again, the 1064-nm Raman system produces high-quality, signature-rich Raman spectra for these samples. When coupled with a microscope, the system is converted to a powerful tool to provide direct chemical mapping of samples at the micro-scale.

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